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Who Are We?

We have taken the field to South Asia, where history of humanity began, to deliver competent education and humanitarian aid in a sustainable manner.


From past to present, we have assumed responsibility for this area which has been interconnected with strong historical, spiritual and cultural ties and has a fifth of the world’s population.

Inspired from our aim of establishment, we take an extraordinary path and strive to handle humanitarian aid in different dimensions. We aim to produce new projects that add value to people, touch people’s heart and leave permanent human-centred traces in our field of activity. With our projects, we aim to increase the awareness of solidarity and to carry the culture of cooperation to future generations. To reach our goal, we would like to contribute to the upbringing of the next generations substantially through sophisticated and continuous training methods.

We gain our inspiration from;
•    Our objective of being the hope for those in need,
•    Our tradition of brotherhood that has developed throughout history, 
•    Our concentrated method of consultative practice,
•    The financial and moral support of our devoted community.

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