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Please look carefully at the photo. Without exception everybody looks at the person taking the photo isn’t it?


The person taking the photo, to draw all the attention to himself before pressing the shutter button they would act like they’ve done something. We don’t know what they have done, but this hasn’t drawn one person’s attention. The girl at the front eating without breaking her posture. The photographer probably couldn’t break the bond between rice with ginger and the girl.


These days, the photo was taken in India and everyone around the world are going through some hard and rough times. Everyone is listening and taking note when the experts give advice. We wash our hands very frequently, hygiene and cleanliness and we are very careful when it comes to masks.


While we are fighting against Covid-19 there are people still people out there which are alike with the girl eating rice in the photo. Because their basic needs come before mask, hygiene and social distancing. Lets not forget that there are people who cant find clean water to drink, let alone wash their hands!


The world is our joint home and we are too close to each other to be ignoring one another. People that are not protecting themselves from the virus is going to carry on to being a threat for the other people.

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