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India Can Not Connect With Education

In India because of Covid-19 the schools are closed, the education system is giving an alarm because of the effects poverty and over population has had on education. 76% of homes don’t have access to the internet. The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to carry on so India cannot connect with education.

India has the second largest population in the world. Until the year 2030 it is expected to take the first place. The resources in the country isn’t enough for people to have a quality life and it certainly doesn’t pledge for the future of kids. 70% of the population lives in the country side so there is no school life for kids with the education system which hasn’t been modernised is way behind compared to the world.


In The Covid-19 Pandemic, India Is One Of The Most Effected Countries In The World


Unfortunately, one of the most effected countries in the world is India. Although there was a lockdown from 23 March till 1 June, the cases and deaths are still not under control. So, in this case, against all the odds the schools have decided to start online education. The education and the children were not in a good state before the pandemic.


There is not demand for this job in India due to the low physical resources and also the life standards of the teachers. This sectors demand should be high, but never the less people don’t deserve to do it. Because the schools run by government give a poor quality education, private school sector is massive in India. Hundreds of private associations give service for very high prices. Education system that hasn’t been in reform since 1968 is one of the biggest problems. On the other hand, social life isnt that good either. More than 30 million kids are orphans in India, 10 million kids aged between 0-14 are working. 1 in 10 kids in India never go school and the other two leave after primary school.


Very Limited Internet Access In Homes


After the problems Covid-19, access to internet, smart phones and PC’s were added to this list. The NSSO have recorded in 2018 that 76% of the homes were not able to access the internet and this percentage can go up to 90% in the country side. Only 12.5% of the kids have access to smart phones. Some teachers aren’t even able to access these resources which makes the gap between the teachers and students open up even more.


In this period, it has been shown that people can get things done without getting out of their homes. There are countries that have achieved great things in education. But this isnt the case for India. Experts say that this isn’t a sustainable solution for India.


The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to carry on so

"India Can Not Connect With Education".

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