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Private School Projects

Education is given by private and government schools. 42,7% of the population doesn’t know how to read and write. According to the data give in 2014, there are 1,4 million schools and 230 million students in the country.


The educational activities done by the Muslims and after the period of independence the population that doesn’t want to be involved in has been a major role in being behind in reading and writing. 


For students to attain quality education from qualified people in our present day, because of this our project has an importance. India is waiting for foundations and institutions to take preschool education seriously.

Student Dormitory Projects

While students are in the process of attaining knowledge, it is important to give support, this is another solution for this rough geography to be affected at minimum.

Water Well Projects

The people that live in a shelter in the slums, they have no legal right over their homes, because of this the government does not invest in these areas. This causes problems like access to toilets and clean water. The people that live in the rural areas are included in this group. In 2014 it was said that 24% of India’s population lives in shelters. This is equivalent to 324 million people.


The group that is not able to access toilets and clean water face really serious diseases. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the second reason for death in children is diarrhoea and every year it causes 5 thousand kids to die. In India this amount is around 1 thousand.

Hygiene Projects

According to WHO diarrhoea occurs because of different organisms that lead to infections. Infection spreads by orally or because of being un hygienic. Nearly 600 million people have to use public places for their need of toilet because they cannot access the toilet, which makes India first in the list with this amount. Very strange that the access to a bank is easier than a toilet.


66% of schools don’t have separate toilets for female students. So toilets are used together. This is the reason for 40% of girls to leave school after grade 5. 23% of girls leave school because of un hyginenic toilets. These problems are often seen in the rural areas, people that live in shelters and slums and in orphanage.   

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