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Student Dormitory Projects

Maldives is a country made up of 300 islands. With 400 thousand Muslim population, it is scattered across 200 islands. Half of its population lives in the capital Island called Male. The density of the population isn’t enough to handle residence.


People rent their rooms in order to fight against the expensive lifestyle. 3 different families are forced to live in a 3-bedroom flat. Sometimes 7-8 kids share the same living room. Basically, the new generation can find enough space at home, so this pushes them outside.


The streets aren’t that easy. Unfortunately, you can get drugs as easy as getting bread in every island.


The importance of student dormitory project comes in here, for the students to be more successful they need more space and resources for them to study.

Kinder Garden Projects

Unfortunately, most of the young generation is addicted to drugs or other bad habits. They should be subjected to deliberate education at young age is one of the precautions we can take. When we analyse it like this, the kinder garden project is more important than it seems.

Helping the Orphan Kids Projects

There is hundreds of orphans who are waiting for our helping hand.

Basic Need Aid Project

There is no agriculture in Maldives…


There is no animal farming…


90% of basic food supplies come from different countries.


This is proportional with the purchasing power of the people.


You can reach out to the people in need all around the year.

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