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Private School Projects

The education system is completely in the hands of private sector. The government schools look wrecked and ruined. There is one rule in the education sector; if you have money, you can study….


Until one finishes grade 12, they would need one thousand dollars yearly. In university this amount goes up to seven thousand dollars. Amount for the ones who travel abroad for education changes between ten and twenty thousand dollars. There is a lot of families who can afford this, this shows us how unjust the economical share is in the country.


For students to attain quality education from qualified people in our present day, because of this our project has an importance. India is waiting for foundations and institutions to take preschool education seriously.

Student Dormitory Projects

While students are in the process of attaining knowledge, it is important to give full support, this is why our student dormitory project is important.

Water And Environmental Pollution

The mountains of Himalayan which is more famous than the country itself supplies enormous amount of water supply for the country. But the rivers and water resources turn to poison as soon as it is seen by mankind.


Because there are no infostructure in any of the cities, the clean water is ruined by the pollution and filth. Also, the city councils have no trash collection so all the garbage’s eventually mixes with the water. The nature and water is ruined day by day. Not one city has a water supply network. The people use the water wells on their street. It is the destiny for the worlds second largest water reserved country to have water problem.


Although the resources are rich, because there isn’t a proper water supply network drinking water is a problem. So to open up water wells is an essential service. While opening water wells it is important to put filters so the water is cleaned.

Hygiene Projects

It will be a big facility to construct toilets for the community.

Helping Orphan Kids Projects

Nepal never lacks natural disasters. This causes more children to be orphans’ day by day. Although there is orphanage’s, we can say they don’t exist because of the less amount of activities they do. The orphans of Nepal wait for us.

Basic Food Aid Projects

Under normal circumstances it is believed that there isn’t anyone suffering to supply basic food in Nepal. But because natural disasters happen often you can find people struggling with shelter and nutrition. This is the reason why the people in need are looking forward for the helping hand that will reach out to them.

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