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We are in SAHA! We are in South Asia!

With the colourful touches, South Asia has the most different cultures in the world.


The first home for mankind South Asia, there are still to this day more than 120 languages, 50 different nations and it’s home to 1.9 billion people. It has taken its place in history with its trade routes and great empires and the spotlight with cultural and natural richness.


With hundreds of different taste and 15 different climates, South Asia shelters the tropical forests in Sri Lanka, white beaches in Maldives, the monsoon rains in India, the roof of the world; mountains of Himalayan.

South Asia is home to the most colourful natural beauties in the world but the portrait is not the same when it comes to mankind.

The Poverty In South Asia


With over 280 million people fighting poverty in South Asia, this amount is increasing every day. The people living in poverty haven’t got sufficient amount of basic needs like nutrition, clothing and sheltering.

South Asia which is a common heritage for mankind is a disappointment and an embarrassment to the world with the numbers in poverty.

The access to banks in India is easier than accessing a toilet. The people that live in the slums have no legal rights over their shelters. Because of this reason, government has no investments in these areas, the problem of accessing clean water and toilets is an increasing problem. According to the latest research, 24% of the population lives in shelters which is equivalent to 324 million people.


In South Asia 70% of the water resources are dirty. 12% of children are workers. There are 31 million orphans in India and 11 million children live on the streets.

Common Diseases Take Away Lives

One of the main reasons of deaths for children aged under 5 in the absence of clean water. In this geography there is 50 doctors per 100 thousand people, every day hundreds of children are dying because of dirty water and lack of hygiene.

Unfortunately, these statistics consists of numbers, which is why,

There is hope in the younger generation, the aim of giving tranquillity and peace, with a sincere intention, creating bridges of brotherhood with different geographies, we are taking on this service with determined and willing people...

We are in SAHA!

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