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  • Developing sustainable and outstanding projects, to create permanent solutions to the needs of people and contributing to building of hope for the future, through region-specific studies in all areas that concern humanity.


  • Enabling individuals with common ground in different geographies to safely practice their spiritual values and to pass them on to the next generations.


  • Producing various projects for the purpose of creating qualified living spaces for people in need and by doing so to contribute to social justice.

  • Supporting the education of orphans, the poor and students regardless they are male or female with the principle of equal opportunity in education.

  • Delivering humanitarian aid such as nurturing , shelter, clothing, heating to people in need due to extraordinary situations (famine, epidemic, war, natural disasters, etc.).

  • Organizing activities and events to strengthen brotherhood ties and to help raising awareness of societies that have once had intensive historical, religious and cultural relations in the past,

  • Actively participate in the conservation and restoration of common historical artifacts and cultural elements.

  • Cooperate with institutions and organizations with common values operating in the benefit of society in our projects.

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